Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If You Love Something Set It Free

I was crushed to learn that Sarah Haskin's Target Women, as we know it, will exist no longer. Apparently she's moved on to other stuff, according to this awesome interview with Jezebel. I also learned from the interview that somewhere there are Kathy Lee and Hoda shower curtains, and well these were a few of Sarah's descriptions of Los Angeles life.

"I murdered a screenwriter, slept my way to the top and poured cocaine all over Mullholland Drive. And that was just yesterday."

or perhaps more realistically:
"I saw Michael Cera at the grocery store! But I did not say hi."

I guess if you love something you have to set it free, and let it go out into the the world and write awesome screenplays. Sarah has some promising stuff in the works. She and screenwriting partner Emily Halpern (who I automatically love cause she wrote for Private Practice) have been working on this script titled Book Smart about two accomplished and intelligent high school senior gals who set out to find boyfriends before prom. Its the kind of script that from the pen of Sarah and Emily is bound to rule. Its been scooped up by Fox and Handsomecharlie Films, which is Natalie Portman's production company. Portman said of the script " it was as though the script we always talk about wanting to find for our company suddenly materialized."

When Amy Poehler read Book Smart she eagerly turned to Sarah and Emily to write the script for Lunch Lady, which will be based on an upcoming graphic novel about a superhero lunch lady.
So we might have to wait a little while for these to come out but in the meantime Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern are working on a webseries called DILF. I'm super psyched on this series that shoots to level the playing field and give some DILFs the loving attention thats been so unevenly dispersed to MILFs the last few years. Sarah let slip that someone may make out with Tim Daly, and so basically I'm already a fan.
Don't keep us waiting too long Sarah!

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Alex said...

Aw, that's too bad- I'll miss those Target Women specials! But I love anything about Sarah Haskins and I'm really excited for her future projects! I read about those screenplays last year and I've been wondering when they'd start materializing as actual movies. And that webseries sounds marvelous.