Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Stylz

In the past I've done posts on swimsuits for summer that you can check out here and here. However this is an all around summer style post. Find the chillest looks for work or play in the summer months.....

#1 Beachwear

4th of July bathingsuits look!

Beach looks aren't just for the beach either. This guy is actually rocking out at a night club in his Body Map t-shirt and sailor cap. I need to find one of these boom boxes.

Its always good to have a summer style icon for each new summer. Last year I was all about Courtney Thorne Smith's character Pam from Summer School. Pam's slackery surfer chick look is all about Hawaiian shirts and comfy shorts. And of course there's this moment when she gets busted for surfing when she's supposed to be in class.

Check it out, vintage Celine!

Less is more at the beach!

Claudia in Chanel Spring 1995 is pure perfection.

David Bowie and Iman will always be cooler than you or I. This is no reason to give up.

I want this blue dress soooo bad.

#2 Leisure

Are you high and 14? Go for the Drew Barrymore in 1993 look.

Are you a young professional in the city? Go for the Drew Barrymore in 1994 look.

Not sure? Go for the Lindsay Lohan look....this one.

Ya know those stupid candid photos of people at Coachella and other summer music festivals. How come none of them ever look as good as Axl and Stephanie look in this photo. This is the apex of candid couple photos.

#3 Formal

Don't be afraid of color.

Me and my bestie out for a ride on our hogs.

The Frida look never goes out of style.

It doesn't really matter how much you wear, it matters how much your hair and ears wear.

Also you can get away with a lot more in the evening. Like this.

This is a good look for a gallery opening.

If your look is getting too predictable you can always switch with your boyfriend.

Go out as an instrument or a famous work of art.

If its all too much you can just roll with this.

Don't forget to accesorize.

Or do forget.

This might be my favorite look for the summer. Karen Finley cools off with a couple of Heineken and an aired out bush.