Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forget Your Job, Hold On To Your Husband

There's a new movie coming out called Obsessed. If it weren't for Beyonce I bet this movie would be straight to tape. It starts out all Fatal Attraction and looks like it takes a turn for The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. The thing I'm having a hard time letting go of is the line in the trailer that goes " A lot of single girls see the work place as their hunting grounds". Despite the fact that its 2009 Hollywood is still putting out these movies that prey on the concept that single working girls exist to tear apart the family structure. Its not because they need to pay their rent or actually enjoy the work they do. This trailer shows the single girl, Ali Larter, practically raping her boss, although its evident that everyone in the office was playing out this little fantasy in their head. I love how they sexually refer to her as " a temp". It reminds me of how, thanks to Bill Clinton, most kids from my generation grew up thinking "intern" was a scandalous word.
She of course doesn't stop there, she next attempts to steal his child and kill his wife (Beyonce). Clearly there are all sort of racial issues going on here as well, I'm guessing something along the line of white women wanting to steal all the "good" black guys. A book could probably be written about that topic, but the thing that really pisses me off is that these movies exist to instill more fear in women. They perpetuate the girl on girl hate that stems from thinking women don't belong in the work place. Of course the men get off clean from their infidelity when it turns out the woman is a homicidal maniac. So in the long run everyone is rooting for Beyonce because she knew her place and stayed at home. As with the over a decade old Fatal Attraction, everyone will be yelling at that screen that someone needs to kill that working girl bitch. Its interesting to note that in the original script for Fatal Attraction the moral of the story is that we all bear a responsibility to those we involve in our lives. There's no maniacal rampage by the single gal, she merely calls the man's home and he feels shitty about it.
So its interesting that in this updated version, the workplace (or hunting grounds) is a place to be feared, despite the fact that everyone in the office is ogling and talking about Ali Larter's character. Is the fear of working women part of what makes them a fetish object? When the economy crashed a few months ago Playboy put out an ad asking "women of Wallstreet" to pose for playboy. I guess they figured the girls could use some extra cash. Yet, I wonder if part of this has to do with the fact that if the women were out of work or down on hard times they were easier to deal with, less intimidating. I looked into past issues of Playboy that fetishize career gals. Check out these titillating money makers. I totally dress like this for work, so everyone hold on to your husbands.

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candle_face said...

glad you are talking about this preview! i laughed a lot when i saw this in the theater, and its further proof to me that these crazy previews make really really great short movies (4 minutes or so).