Friday, May 22, 2009

Sounds of Springtime

Patti Smith- Because the Night
Thankyou Patti Smith for rocking so hard and for still being around.

Patra featuring Yo Yo - Romantic Call
Patra wearing her short shorts and treating 2Pac like he's a cute lil' accessory, yeah, she makes the rest of us look like losers.

Janis Joplin -Summertime
Its amazing that one song can be so heavy, sweaty, creepy, beautiful, and sexy. And its almost summertime!

The Cranberries- Dreams
I have this video on a VHS tape of Woodstock '94. If my apartment were burning down I would probably try to save that video.

Skunk Anansie -Selling Jesus
Ok I just discovered Skunk Anansie or singer Skin(Deborah Dyer). But everything about her is awesome. Her style is amazing and she's # 64 on the list of 100 greatest female vocalists.

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