Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gang Girls

Katrina Del Mar seems like the perfect gal to sum up Brooklyn in the summer. The radio has been filled with Katy Perry going on and on about Daisy Dukes with Bikinis on Top. But Katrina Del Mar is more like Leather Pants with Bikinis on Top. Grabbing your bike, your horse, your surf board, your skateboard, throwing on some shredding tunes and dominating the city.

Here is Gang Girls 2000 which among other stars Runaways founder Kari Krome and artist Kembra Pfahler.

This is the trailer for Hell On Wheels. Girls tearing shit up! With music by Raging Slab which may be the best band name ever.

Surf Gang: Ruffnecks vs. Ungratefuls
Two sisters are orphaned by drunks and are left to fend for themselves. One of them disappears into the sea, and the other forms a gang, The Rockaway Ruffnecks, New York City surfers. They run afoul of a local mob boss, and go on a violent odyssey intermittently giving way to fantasy surf sessions.

Surf Gang Trailer

Katrina del Mar | MySpace Video

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