Monday, October 18, 2010

It Does Get Better!

Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project has been bringing about more and more stories of how life gets better. Created in the wake of the horrible waves of suicides among gay preteens and teens, Savage's project is all about grown ups explaining that life does get better. For many kids its hard to see outside of your own family and your own school and its hard to imagine that life could ever accept you for who you are. Life can be horrible for many kids who are gay, deemed gay by their peers, or who are just different in some way. For pretty much all my friends, gay or straight, life got a million times better when they went to college. And actually it just get increasingly better through college and after. Being different when you're young helps you become a more interesting, creative, and sympathetic person which really is what we all look for in friends and lovers!

Check out Texas Congressman Joel Worth's "It Gets Better" story.

And here is the original "It Gets Better" message from sex columnist Dan Savage and his boyfriend Terry.

If you know a teen who could use this help please show them the videos. And for all the parents and teachers and administrators out there - please don't stand silently by- make it clear that bullying is not okay, create a safe space for kids who need it, help them take pride in their individuality, just do something so kids don't have to feel so alone.

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