Monday, December 13, 2010

Wrap Me In Lace, Satin, Metal, Wool, Straw, Silk, Cotton, Metallic Thread,and Leather

The Metropolitan Museum has the most exquisite online database collection. Here are some selections from The Costume Institute collection at The Met. There are so many images that I just spent the last 4 hours looking at them and only got 1/10th of the way through. Here are some of my favorites!

Apron/Skirt, Thai, 20th Century, Cotton

Hat, French, 1774, Silk, Metal Thread

Wedding Robe, Afghanistan, 1875, Cotton, Metal, Synthetics

Chemise, American or European, 1910s

Hat, Tibetan, 20th Century, Silk, Fur, Wool, Metal

Coat(House of Worth), French, 1905, Wool, Metallic Thread

Top(House of Worth), French, 1899, Silk, Metallic Thread

Turban(Bergdorf Goodman), American, 1942, Wool, Silk

Jacket, Greek, 19th Century, Wool, Silk

Bonnet, American, 1892, Straw

Evening Turban, American, 1823, Cotton

Headdress, German, 19th Century, Silk

Riding Habit (Busvines & Co. Paris), French or British, 1927, Wool

Earrings, Eastern European, 18th Century

Top/Huipil, Guatemalan, 20th Century, Cotton

Dressing Gown, British, Early 19th Century, Cotton

Top, American (Eskimo), 1959, Cotton, Wool, Fur

Cap, German, 18th Century, Silk, Gold Thread

Costume Headdress, Chinese, 19th Century, leather, silk, bast fiber, mirrors, metal, glass

Vest, French (Breton Peoples), 19th Century, Wool, Silk

Hat, African (Kuba People), 19th Century, Raffia, Metal, Glass

Hair Accessory, Austrian, 19th Century, Silver, Stones

Norwegian Headdress, 18th Century, Tin, Glass, and Gilt Thread

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