Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Always A Bridesmaid....

Okay there is this new movie coming out called Bridesmaids.

I would like to first get the negative shit off my chest and say... why the f-ing hell is every movie for women about a wedding. Seriously, I am now 27 and you movie making assholes are screwing up my subconscious and almost making me care about this shit. I like watching movies with females and though I do watch them I am so sick of all the wedding obsession - BrideWars, When In Rome, 27 Dresses, You Again and Sex and The City One and Two- I could go on and on. The 2nd wave cranky feminist in me would like to point out that this is psychological manipulation that proliferates the notion that the most important part of a woman's life is the day she gets to spend thousands on a dress and act like a psychopath. Its not about the day she first knocks boots with the love of her life, or the day she lands her first huge job, or when she gets her first apartment, or gets her masters degree. Well I guess there was always Legally Blond to look up to as the bastion of female empowerment. Honestly I would love to see more movies about the non important moments - like when said female character discovers that Tequila is really not her drink.

However, the Generation Y, nth wave feminist in me is like HELL YEA, Bridesmaids!!! I can not wait to grab my girls and some Butterfinger Bites and watch the shit out of this movie.

Okay so honestly, it looks a lot better than the rest.

This is supposedly Bridesmaids producer Judd Apatow's big move to get back in the good graces of the female population. However, I would also like to point out that Paul Feig is directing it and along with Apatow he made some serious magic happen on Freaks And Geeks. This is the first clue that this movie could be cool. Other proof lies more strongly in the fact that Kristen Wiig co-wrote it. Could I ask for more. Oh apparently I could. The movie stars Wiig along with Ellie Kemper of The Office, Maya Rudolph of SNL royalty, Wendi McLendon-Covey of Reno: 911!, and Melissa McCarthy of Gilmore Girls. This is what I have been asking for, a movie that stars more than one awesome comedic actress!

Anyhow, it comes out in May so lets all go see it in the theater so maybe they'll let Kristen Wiig write more movies.

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