Friday, March 4, 2011

Wall Street Compared To Teachers

Yes! What John Stewart said! Hitting the nail on the head!
This bullshit gets me so fired up. What is wrong with people? How does Fox News think it can get away with defending Wall Street while shitting all over teachers. Yes, teachers get summers off, but I know many teachers who have to take up another job in the summer to make ends meet, and thats after spending 60-80 hours a week at the normal teaching job - correcting, planning, in parent and professional conferences, and coaching or heading clubs and staying after with kids for extra tutoring. Also much of their "vacation" time is spent in training, professional conferences or classes, or planning for the next school year. All this so they can be paid vastly less than any other professional. That's what they are professionals - do you know how much schooling you need to be a teacher -especially to have a secure tenured position. All of this work and you still are treated like crap. This hits close to the literal home because my mom is an art teacher - she has a master degree from one of the best art schools and has won Connecticut Art Teacher of the Year - yet, many days in August each year were spent driving around to the town beach, the supermarket, and other places, reminding people in town to go to the town meeting and vote to keep art in the curriculum. I know there are occasional duds, but as a whole public school teachers are amazing, it is a labor of love. I had teachers who cared about me and my friends, who took us hiking in the White Mountains, who managed to make math fun sometimes, who checked in on me when I got depressed, who took us to the Guggenheim, or stepped in and took over for friends of mine who didn't have parents who cared about their education.
Fox News' attacks on teachers are bizarre and confusing, I'd love someone to get to the bottom of who is benefiting off of it. I'm guessing its a push to privatize more school systems so someone can turn a profit.
Okay thanks for enduring my rant.....

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