Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lee Krasner

"I was not in a position to say I will not continue painting or I will continue painting...I am preoccupied with trying to know myself in order to communicate with others. Painting is not separate from life. It is one. It is like asking - do you want to live? My answer is yes- and I paint."

"I happen to be Mrs. Jackson Pollock and that's a mouthful. The only thing I haven't had against me was being black. I was a woman, Jewish, a widow, a damn good painter, thank you, and a little too independent."

"Survivor. Yes, I think thats what counts in the end. But I didn't need The Feminine Mystique to get me off the ground... Let me say the women's revolution is the only real revolution of our time."

"When I am painting, and this is a heroic task, the question of male or female is irrelevant. Naturally I am a woman. I do not conceive of painting in a fragmented sense."


K. Rucker said...

Lovely. As well as her husband Pollock, Lee matured and evolved as an artist. Her grasp of the unconscious subject was impeccable for a woman of her time. Her work evokes a sense of strength, no wonder, being such a supportive anchor for Pollock.

glennhardy said...

Wow...Thank you for this blog! A fine and very representative selection of Lee Krasner's work and words. A great artist.

Aldie ladie said...

I now have a favorite artist: Lee Krasner! I find almost all of her paintings (the ones that do not look like Pollack's) so beautiful, vivid, and gorgeous. I would love to hang many, many of them all on my walls.

Jane Flury said...

thanks for your efforts of showing Krasner's work. I agree that her best works are the paintings that aren't derivitive of Pollack's.