Monday, July 25, 2011

Marlo and Pals

I was just checking out Marlo Thomas's website and having some pretty good laughs over her comedy section. Since Marlo Thomas was probably one of my first introductions to comedy when I was a wee one obsessed with Free To Be You And Me, I figured I'd do a post of some of my favorite funny bits I found on her site. Also if you don't know about Marlo Thomas you should look her up. As well as being one of the founding mothers of modern comedy and a well known actress (That Girl), Marlo has been a feminist since way back. She's been vocally pro-choice and supportive of liberal political candidates as well as being a founder of the Ms. Foundation For Women. Back in her That Girl days she was not only the lead actress but an executive producer of the show and despite tremendous pressure refused to let the final episode feature her character's wedding- since she didn't want young girls to think that marriage was the end goal. Her role in the production and hosting of Free To Be You and Me helped girls and boys of my generation to question gender roles from the time we were toddlers.

Ok, first this wasn't from her website but this is classic old Free To Be You and Me. Marlo Thomas and Mel Brooks in Boy Meets Girl.

The longest laugh in sitcom history. Lucy has eggs hidden in her front and Ethel has them hidden in her pants.

Albert Brooks and Debbie Reynolds in Mother. I'm pretty sure everyone can find something to identify with in this one.

Well, I wish I'd never identified with this one but you know, it comes with the territory at times.

So what, I've got a lot on my mind! So what !

Just a funny clip!

Oh moms, sigh. Actually my mom totally doesn't care about celebrities.

Ok, this little girl is awesome. She knows how to run shit.

Seinfeld really does "do great of those". I feel you girl.

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