Thursday, September 29, 2011

Women Of A Certainly Awesome Age : Part 1

When I first saw this photo of Micheline Roquebrune (at left) I knew that I had to do a post on the inspiring sartorial choices of older women. With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes the ability to rock some seriously stellar get-ups. Take Micheline Roquebrune- aside from being a beautiful Morrocan/French painter, she has also been having sex with Sean Connery for over 36 years. Lets just say that Sean does a woman good. Also, this white outfit is sort of like what Prince would wear if he discovered he had Scottish roots.
So here is an assortment of women of a certain age -they know who they are and have fun flaunting it. There will definitely be a part two at some point because I have way too many images gathered up by now.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the president of Liberia, and currently the only elected female head of state in Africa. She's been named "the most powerful woman in the world" by Forbes, "one of the ten best leaders in the world" by Newsweek, and "arguably the best president the country has ever had" by The Economist. Somehow, she also manages to look like she's having a lot of fun while still being comfortable.

Jane Birkin is sort of the babe to end all babes. A singer and actress, she's been around for ages and still manages to pull together outfits that make me super jealous.

Dude, how old is Yoko Ono? Girl is still looking mad fly. Yoko is a master: at art, at music, at love, at being. If you don't get it listen to this song. When I feel bad I sing it sometimes.

People say I’m cool,
Ya’, I’m a cool, chick baby.
Ev’ry day I thank god
That I’m such a cool, chick baby.

Okay here are a few more classy babes .......

Audrey Hepburn had amazing style in her later years.

Gloria Steinem. This is what a 77 year old feminist looks like.

Bianca Jagger... ooh lala.

Iris Apfel. Its not a party without Iris!

Cher. Who says you can't keep tarting it up in your golden years?

More to come......

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