Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah Haskins

Sarah Haskins rules. Though chances are you haven't heard of her cause she's on this show called Info Mania thats on one of those cable channels no one knows about (Current TV anyone?). I actually did catch it on real tv one time but you have better luck watching her online at their website.
Sarah does this segment called Target Women that exposes things that are aimed at women like commercials, chick flicks, and political tactics. She pinpoints things that I find myself wondering about why is yogurt just for women now, and why are birth control commercials all about periods and not about birth control. She has no shame when it comes to talking about laxatives or wearing unflattering workout clothes. Its kind of refreshing that she hasn't been scooped up by a bigger channel yet because it gets a little freaky the way female comedians are expected to get tans and hair extensions immediately. Yet, I and all her other internet fans are still holding out for Sarah getting her own stint on the Daily Show.

Here's the most recent Target Women

And here are a few more.....

You can see more Target Women at

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