Sunday, March 1, 2009


Here's a post from "Guest blogger" Sam. He's become totally obsessed with this deep throated singing that he describes only as "guttural slamming brutality", so I asked him to write about this singer Simone that he keeps raving about.
Here ya go.....

Every day I am constantly humbled by the talent of today's youth.
Take for example Som, or Simone. A totally brootal dutch teenager in
search of a band. Check out these sick vokillz:

Covering one of her many favorite bands, Disfiguring the Goddess (the band of storied youtube
vocalist Big Chocolate), she displays a level of utter vocal brutality that puts the pig squealing girl to shame, not to mention my own feeble attempts at singing. As she tries her hand at some older death metal material, notably Dying Fetus (the marijuana of Slam), going from her near perfect (and unprocessed!) low-end growl to a hi pitch scream demonstrates some limitations (self-admitted at that) to her range. But then I soon found that SHE IS ONLY 17! The world is hers. She'll get Melissa Cross' "Zen of Screaming" for christmas and, in broken english, she'll find her band and realize all of her metal dreams...

here's her youtube channel and her myspace:

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