Saturday, March 7, 2009

that 90s sound

I recently fell into this long youtube path of 90s bands. Girl bands were so much more prevalent then.

The Breeders- Divine Hammer. Also here's another good video for Safari. And also the infamous Cannonball (video co-directed by Kim Gordon)

Elastica - Connection

Aaliyah - If your girl only knew
I remember so clearly watching this on mtv when i was young. Aaliyah's swagger and attitude is one in a million.

TLC -Waterfalls
I can't embed their other videos but check em out here and here.

Zhane- Right Here
I love this video.....if you want something slightly less adult contemporary check this out.

Milla- Gentlemen Who Fell
I totally didn't know Milla Jovovich had a music career, though I kind of rememeber this song. Also in the actress with singing career category..... did anyone know about Bijou Phillips's.

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