Friday, June 12, 2009

Diva Designed- prepare for my tacky music taste

There's something about the epic Diva anthem that hinges on being made a victim... or in Cher's case a gypsy or a tramp. Yet I guess that's what makes them so great, instead of being the typical hero's tale, the ultimate diva song is based around being made vulnerable and then taking a stand about how you're not gonna take it anymore. As Candi Stanton puts it "encourage the babies every time they say 'self preservation is whats really going on today'".

Candi Stanton- Young Hearts Run Free
This one has been a favorite of mine since the cross dressing Mercutio sang it in the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet.

Tina Turner- Whats Love Got To Do With It
I can't post the actual video of this for some reason but isn't it amazing how dull the Grammy's used to look. Whats more amazing is that everyone thought this was a totally acceptable "look" for Tina to be rocking. When my brother was in about third grade he wrote a report about Tina Turner, for some reason that remains really funny.

Sade - Sweetest Taboo
I genuinely feel that this song and video and Sade are amazingly beautiful. Also note the fact that Sade does not do the "i will survive" thing. She's more plagued by sexiness and longing.

Cher- Believe
This was one of our favorite dance party songs in art school. It came out when I was in 9th grade and had to keep my love for it on the down low so as to retain some dignity. But secretly I was loving it as well as crushing on that guy with dread locks who plays the video's love interest.
Cher - Believe

Whitney Houston- Its Not Right, But Its Okay
There are so many things! First, this song is great because it chronicles the detailed stuff, like looking up the area code of the person who called your crappy boyfriend and giving him shit about how it is totally not the person he said it was. Also, the outfits in this video are ridiculous- totally my new summer look!

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nan said...

your brother wrote about Tina Turner from Black history report! I still cant believe they let him do that!Guessing they were happy he was writing at all.