Friday, June 26, 2009

A Touch of Grey

The New York Times had a fairly annoying article the other day called Irony and The Old Lady. The author Cathy Horyn hemmed and hawed for two pages about if getting on in years meant that she couldn't dress ironically or even interestingly at all. The only thing I learned was that "ironical" is actually a word. Anyhow, I couldn't really tell what the point she was trying to make was - she claims dressing with flair after 50 is like "fighting with the wind" but then she seems to think Madonna should be forgiven this outfit

because it was designed and styled by Marc Jacobs. So translation : having style is okay if you pay exorbitantly and have a huge name fashion designer approve it for you.
The only point I agree with her on is that Madonna should be able to wear that crazy shit cause she is Madonna. That's the reason she is Madonna. Its the whole reason anyone cares about her.
It seems to me though, that Anna Piaggi, should be inspiring and not just a token old lady who is forgiven her kooky tophats.

I think people like Cathy Horyn, who can't tell if they want to be awesome or not, should just get out of the way.
There is an awesome assortment of well aged fashionistas over at the amazing blog Advanced Style, that should provide the rest of us with all the inspiration we need to continue to be amazing, not to mention looking forward to our golden years.

I mean come on, Diana Vreeland. She is inspiration.

I love this one!

I love this lady. Go to Advanced Style and you can see that her stockings have pearls sewn on them.

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nan said...

thanks for the inspiration. where are your photos of Iris Apfel?