Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Artist Is Present

I haven't gotten up to MOMA to see the Marina Abramovic show yet, but I have been getting a laugh out of the "6 o'clock news" portrayal of whats going on up there. Watch the video below for their take on it. "There's naked chicks at MOMA dude!" .
Anyhow, I'm a little bummed that the original piece that Abramovic performed with her partner Ulay has been re-enacted with two female performers. I always thought one of the most interesting things about that piece was that visitors had the choice of figuring out if they would rather face a naked man or a naked woman while squeezing through the door frame.

Update: I went and saw the show and there actually was a guy and a girl performer in the door ... so maybe it was just that one day that it was a girl and girl thing. Anyhow, its pretty impossible to get through the doorway without touching penis. But of course a good time was had by all. Check out the show!

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