Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Live From New York.....!

I just read that Gabby Sibide will be hosting SNL! Woohooo! I have yet to see Precious cause I haven't been wanting to feel totally depressed - March is bad enough as is. However, I've been really into the fact that Gabby seems to be the total opposite of her character - she is a firecracker! For instance take this awesome video where she says she'd "hit that" about Gerard Butler. Then she says it to his face,,,,then she seems to try to propose a three way with him and Billy Bush, the host. I love it. And I love that Gerard is a totally respectable dude about the whole thing. Almost makes me want to forgive that traumatic experience that was The Ugly Truth. Anyhow, Gabourey Sibide is capable of making shows like Jimmy Kimmel entertaining so I bet she can rock it on SNL.

ALSO have ya'll heard about The Women Of Comedy SNL Special. Betty White is joining up with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon. And then they're all gonna come over my house for an awesome sleepover party. Ok well in my dreams - but the SNL Special part is real.

Here's a clip from Parks and Recreation, which is really coming into its own in the second season. Here Poehler's character tries to take the blame for someone who got shot on a hunting trip.

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Anonymous said...

WHen I first saw this episode I thought "THIs segment has to be posted on Unconcious and Irrational" It is perfect!