Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daniel Dessario Eats Gold Wrapped Desert With Marina Abramovic

What will he do next? Release a never before heard track with 2Pac? Or perhaps start a Dalmation plantation? After he had the three way with Liz Lemon and an anime pillow I knew I had to give up predicting the next move.
In the below video the thinking woman's hottie James Franco learns some important lessons from performance artist Marina Abramovic. She's been really stirring shit up in NY lately. Here she dispenses such words of wisdom as "Studio is the trap" and "This is not food this is meditation". What a coincidence, I am currently meditating on some dark chocolate. Anyone remember that episode of Sex and the City where the show's metaphor plot line revolved around the Abramovic performance at Sean Kelly Gallery. Like isn't dating just like being trapped in a cube with a knife ladder as the only escape?
Anyhow, a million years ago in high school I was watching MTV cribs and they were touring this girl's place and she was dating James Franco at the time and had all these abstract paintings up that he'd done. So its nice that now that he's gone to UCLA, NYU, Columbia, and Yale he's getting back into his visual arts roots. I saw him outside my studio about a year ago and really wish I'd had the gumption to convince him to buy some paintings. Oh well here's some crazies! They should guest star as a couple on Cougar Town.

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Gypsymade said...

Quite possibly the truest quote ever about the studio: "The worst place artist should never be". I will live by these words. Oh, wait I do hate the studio!!!