Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wake Up And Get Real

Just wanted to draw y'alls attention to the new internet tv show Wake Up and Get Real. The show is BFFs Kelly Cutrone and Justine Bateman on split screen just shooting the shit with each other - its sort of an alternative to The View kinda thing. I like watching them hang out cause its genuine and feels like when you're hanging with your best friend and you're all like "I feel really strongly about this thing blah, blah, blah.....oh wait that's a good point, disregard everything I just said". Its nice to watch these two cool women getting along since so much of female talk shows dwells on conflict and the whole crap of "Can you believe Rosie O'Donnell said that mean thing to Elizabeth Hasselbeck". Oh and by the way I'm totally on Rosie's side.
But anyhow, so Kelly and Justine cover such important issues as headbanging, 90's club life at Limelight, finding a mouse in your apartment, and the wonderful Mothers Day Fairy -who is kinda like the tooth fairy but comes to the house of single moms and leaves their kids money so they can take their mom out for brunch.

As a side note finding this show was cool cause coincidentally I just watched the episode of Arrested Development when Jason Bateman thinks Justine Bateman is his long lost sister but it turns out she's a prostitute. That show is amazing.

AND I want to recommend this movie she was in in 1988. Its called Satisfaction and I believe its on instant play on Netflix.

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Nilesh Shukla said...

Hey its really fun in that show..

Nilesh Shukla