Thursday, November 18, 2010

The 90s : Part 1

So I had been doing this thing with the decades but then I got hung up cause I really didn't feel like doing the 80s. I just wasn't in the mood okay- maybe I'll go back to it. Anyhow this is the 60s. This is the 70s. And now I bring you part one of the 90s.

This one brings me straight back to high school.

Ok bringin the mood back up a little. Here is Creep. This came out when I was in Junior High and that Halloween there were a million little girls dressed as TLC in those silk robes and pajamas at the Halloween dance. I was not cool though so I was a 1970s era dead boyscout and no one wanted to dance with me.

This is cute.
I got these boots to make you happy,
I scuffed them up to turn you on,
Now I don't care about you,
I've got my Helen Love t-shirt on

Daisy Chainsaw - oh lordy. This video.

This group Shampoo is sort of what Edie from Absolutely Fabulous probably hoped she was going to have for a daughter. Shampoo is amazing. They even some how tapped into the fact that shopping carts were kind of cool in the 90s. Like hello, shopping carts, so random.

This is such a good anthem. Also I suggest watching Beavis and Butthead's take on Whatta Man.

And of course....

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