Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Guerrilla Girls

I'm lucky, I have a 16 year old sister so I have an excuse to be interested in things way below my age level (an excuse to see Twilight!). So if anyone else out there has a younger sister or cousin,,, or you just don't care..... I really recommend checking out the Plain Jane series of graphic novels. There are only two at this point: Plain Janes and Janes in Love, I've heard rumors there won't be anymore because not enough people buy graphic novels or comics aimed at teen girls. All the more reason to check 'em out.

Plain Janes is the tale of a girl named Jane who moves from the big city to the suburbs with her parents. She finds her new high school totally boring and depressing till she meets three other girls named Jane. Together they decide to fight against boredom, conformity, and fear with random acts of art. The whole town is worked into a frenzy over the installation/land art that the girls are creating under the cover of night. I wish that I'd had this comic/novel around when I was 12 or even 16. The type of 'irrational' that these girls are stirring up is so much healthier and constructive than the infatuation with "Girl Interupted" that was all the rage for teen girls in my high school years.
I haven't read Janes in Love yet, I've been waiting for Christmas to get it for my sister. The Jane books are actually part of a larger series for girls called Minx, put out by DC Comics. Unlike when they market video games to girls - these books aren't about the art of shopping or makeup application. I'm gonna try to also check out this other one called WaterBaby that reminds me of Rita Ackerman a little. Below is an excerpt from WaterBaby..... And thanks for putting up with my secret pre-teen riotgrrrl identity.

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