Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Full Frontal

Before I give Full Frontal Feminism to my little sister for Christmas, I thought I'd drop a note on here about how everyone should check it out. Written by Jessica Valenti, founder of the website, Full Frontal Feminism seems mostly geared toward teenagers...there's lots of swearing, sarcasm, and joking around. Yet, even if you have multiple degrees in women's studies you will still get something out of it. One of the best aspects is that it's really up to date - it's often hard to find things that speak to young women and cover current topics.
I learned a lot about the screwed up things that George W. Bush did to put us in our place. For instance $100 million a year was going toward the "Happy Marriage Initiative" as part of a welfare bill. Instead of using this money for child care, education, or job training (which would obviously benefit both couples and singles), it was in fact being given to religious based programs. Many of these programs only offered job training to men, and encouraged women to stay at home so that "the married man won't go to work hungover, exhausted, or tardy.....because he eats better and sees the doctor regularly thanks to his wife". Seriously! There go our tax dollars.
A couple other issues the Full Frontal Feminism covers are
-The actual history of feminism (There was no bra burning)
-Good stuff to know about birth control and the dangers of abstinence only education. Also the struggle to get things like the HPV vaccine passed.
-Why guys can and should be feminists -patriarchy sucks for them too.
-Girls Gone Wild and the insane amount of money we spend on beauty products and weddings
-Did you know we were being referred to as Sex and The City Voters and that 20 million unmarried women didn't vote in the Kerry/Bush election.?
This is just a short rundown of a couple things,,,,, I totally recommend checking out Full Frontal Feminism and passing it along to friends. Here is Jessica Valenti on the Colbert Report.

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