Thursday, December 11, 2008

Miami Vacation

Sorry about the blog vacation I was in Miami! Art Basel craziness was fun and shooting stuff for Ryan Trecartin's new movie was even more fun. Now I'm home. Who wants to give me a job?

Here are some pics of things I saw.
Wildlife... puppies and baby sharks.

I don't know if this is art or what but it was right
around the corner from Ryan's and its weird.

Man Of Wars - at least I think they are... these guys are everywhere!

The water is so clear!

5 am and still shooting - by the pool. The pool contains a ball, a wig, a rubber hand, several fake dogs on leashes.

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croissantpark said...

Looks like you had a nice time. Next time you are in town, you need to swim with the dolphins in Miami. Its a blast. Also, you should explore Jungle Island and the Metro Zoo too. Miami has so much to do. I hope you had a nice vacaiton.
Merry Christmas,