Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guest Post: Women of Metal

With female-fronted metal a deeply commercialized genre unto itself nowadays I thought it might be important to take a look at the women in metal who don't pander to the two biggest clichés of XY metal of novelty or sexy novelty (see here).

With this following selection, which is certainly piecemeal for such a gargantuan genre, I hope to highlight bands where the presence of the gendered other simply fades to black--or death, grind, doom, etc...


13, an all-women sludge band. The guitarist, Liz Buckingham, is now in Electric Wizard after tenure in the also sludgy, Sourvein.

Runhild Gammelsæter,
Thorr's Hammer (sound only, the only good video was utterly inaudible.)

The excellent and mighty Kat of
Salome. She also contributed vocals to Agoraphobic Nosebleed's last album!

Mel Mongeon of the Canadian epic grind band, Fuck the Facts.

Phoenix AZ's finest death/thrash band (with some war grind thrown on top), Landmine Marathon. Grace Perry on vocals.

Dana Duffey,
Demonic Christ & Mythic
Here are two classic slabs of metal courtesy of the genre's veritable
Kwai Chang Caine, Dana Duffey. Click here to read an interview where she discussed shitty drummers, the vagaries of metal genres, the advantages of raising a daughter in the occult arts and many other fine topics.

Here's Mythic's pre-Duffey incarnation,
Derkéta. While the band was formed in 1989 by Sharon Bascovsky, Jared Altamare and a "Heather," this song was taken from 1999 release. Sharon & Jared now play in the brutal death band, Evisicum--who, by the way, are pretty sweet!

Cadaveria in
Opera IX, seen here in '94. Unfortunately I have to urge readers to steer clear of her recent work which is basically female-fronted variation of power groove butt-rock.

The ultra brutal Lori Bravo of the classic 90's death/grind band,
Nuclear Death. Recently, Lori has taken on a strange relationship to the internet, best seen here.

SF's best BM band, Ludicra. Laurie Sue Shanaman on Vocals & Christy Cather on Guitar &

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
1/4 man, 3/4 women brutal grind from Japan. Makiko (Vocals), Kanako (Bass), Tomoko (Drums)

All-female mid-tempo retro-BM--also from Japan, formed out of the psychedelic noise band, Death Comes Along and the crust/grind band, Meat Slave. Mika Penetrator (vocals, guitars); Vivian Slaughter (vocals, bass); Risa Reaper (drums, vocals).

Under Satan's Sun
A personal favorite! Fronted by Silvie and Chloe Jensen (sisters I believe...). This is what female-fronted melodic BM should sound like! (with NNCK/Angelblood-er, Dave Nuss, on drums)

Wykked Wytch
Great 90s technical death/thrash with brutal vocals courtesy of Miss Ipek. Like OIX and ND, it's best to stick with the older work...

The Great Kat
While this second Kat of the list certainly does fall into the novelty side of women in metal (Eureka! A female Yngwie!), the camp extremes to which she subjects her audiences more than makes up for whatever A&R team thought her up. In this video, not only does she give Yngwie a run for his money but also Mick Barr.

To end, here is the inimitable Adris Hoyos of the not-really metal no-core band, Harry Pussy. Be warned however, Hoyos brings the brutal...

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