Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Personal Has Recently Not Been That Political ... and pretty distracted

So the blogging has been a little slow lately but finally I'm back. As you can see from this photo I've been too busy goofing off in sunflower fields. Well not really, I moved and had no internet and also I'm working on an upcoming solo show at Real Fine Arts. Aside from getting all of that in order my website got hacked and google took it down which sucks. So untill I get that figured out I've got even more time to devote to the Unconscious and Irrational.

So this is the new pad.... a total mess currently.

Yes that is our futon in shambles on the floor.

I've been too busy to post stuff because I've been climbing crazy vines at Herb Smokler's house in CT

This photo is a good example of how sometimes at studio its more fun to stare out the window than to make art.

Come to my show!

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