Friday, August 14, 2009

The State of Our Health Care Debate

Rachel Maddow has been doing an awesome job breaking down the crazyness over the healthcare debate. Frankly its scaring the shit out of me, which had me wondering for a while if she was actually using the scare tactics that the GOP seems to be using on its constituents. However, I've decided I'm okay with that because watching the town hall meetings that have been going on is making me realize that we liberals need a few coals thrown under our butts. The bummer to the whole situation is that I do think there needs to be a debate over the health care reform so that we can make sure it includes the needs of citizens and not just insurance companies. Yet, its the insurance companies that are in fact masterminding the insanity that is turning the town hall forums into unfocused one sided shouting matches. This way no actual conversation can be had. The team over at Rachel Maddow has been doing some real journalism to find out who is behind the chaotic town hall meetings and mass scare tactics. I really recommend checking out the show. If you don't get a chance to catch it on tv you can download it for free and watch it on your ipod. Also, take a note from Sarah Silverman and dare to talk to your grandparents about politics - let them know that Obama does not want to kill them. Seriously thats the tactic Fox news, Sarah Palin, and the rest are taking at this point.

Also one last thing.....I'm really sick of people on facebook(usually kids I grew up with) posting shit that says "Just ask a Canadian person if they like their shitty health care... ". All the Canadians I know think we're a bunch of loonies who need to get with the program. I don't actually think the kids posting this shit know anyone who grew up outside Connecticut.

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