Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barbara Steele

Happy Halloween!!!
Barbara Steele is my all time favorite cult horror movie actress. She's considered the Queen of All Scream Queens. There's something about her that manages to be both amazingly beautiful and horrifyingly scary. Perhaps its cause her eyes look like when people draw eyes on their eyelids? Born in 1937 in Cheshire, England Barbara Steele was most famous for for her movies she made in other countries, namely Italy and the U.S. She first drew attention for her role in 1960's Black Sunday the quintessential witchcraft movie shot in Italy by Mario Bava. Next she came to America to make Roger Corman's The Pit and The Pendulum opposite Vincent Price. She then returned to Italy for a non-horror role in Fellini's 8 1/2. For the rest of her life Barbara Steele mainly stuck to horror/cult films, why mess with perfection? In the rest of the decade she appeared in many horror movies including The Spectre, Castle of Blood, An Angel for Satan, and The Curse of The Crimson Altar. In later decades she appeared in a few other movies including Caged Heat and the awesome tv show Dark Shadows. She also had a pretty successful producing career in the 80s, even winning an Emmy for "War and Remembrance". Here are some pics and videos of her epic run as the Queen of Scream.

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