Sunday, November 29, 2009

Barbara Kasten

I've been developing an art crush on the photographs of Barbara Kasten lately. Though most of these photos were done in the 80s, and in many ways reflect that era, there is also a similarity to a lot of photography happening today, namely the works of Eileen Quinlan. Contemporary Art Daily had a post a while back of a show that explored the work of these two artists and a bunch of other artists influenced by the constructivist and suprematist movements.

These two below were done at the famous Jackson Pollock studio in Springs, NY they include his famous drips and play with the reflections and window metaphorically to evoke his violent death and stormy relationship with wife and painter Lee Krasner who used the studio after his death.

The three below are from a series called Metaphase and were done after a collaboration with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company.

This Architectural series were made with studio mirrors, a professional cinematic lighting crew, and large scale fabrications and shot using a single exposure and no digital intervention. The explore and deconstruct the postmodern 80s architecture of the time.

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Barbara Kasten said...

Thank you for the kind words. If you happen to make it to LA in the next few weeks, I have a show of all new work at Luisotti Gallery.