Friday, November 13, 2009

Unconscious and Irrational: The Zine!

So another thing that been contributing to my blogging deficiency and massive sleep loss is Unconscious and Irrational: The Zine! I'm made a zine version of my blog for a sale in CT through the group Youth Peace, which is kind of the high school chapter of the War Resisters League. Its a group I was part of in high school and my little sister is now pretty active in. So I made an Unconscious and Irrational zine and also some Emma Goldman T-shirts that I'll post about at some other time.
The zine is 55 pages long and black and white. Its mostly things you've probably seen already on the blog,,,,, but if you want to buy one($5) or do a trade for your zine or something else email me at . I wanted it to look like the zines I remember reading in high school, back before in-design when you had to tape and paste and xerox. I was inspired by a cool book I found at a used book store called A Girls Guide To Taking Over The World which is about the history of 90's girl zines and has a forward by the amazing an always bitchin Ann Magnuson. Also Jezebel just had this article yesterday about the history of feminist zines.

I made such a mess making it!

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