Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is This Really The Best They Have? A Bow.

Good ole' Rachel Maddow keeping us updated on what crazy shit is going down. Usually I just listen to her podcast instead of watching it cause I'm at work, but the quote she reads from The Washington Times had me staring with my mouth open at my ipod. Its amazing to me that such racist stuff can make it into print. The event in question is that Obama bowed to the President of China and apparently "real" men/presidents/Americans don't bow to anyone. So of course he has no "natural instinct or blood impulse" for what this country is about. As if that isn't racist enough it goes on to explain that his Kenyan father and mother who is attracted "to men of the third world" clearly couldn't have raised him with an understanding of true American protocol. Rachel Maddow does a great job ripping that one apart but then next up is a clip of Glen Beck's take on the bow and this is so offensive it leaves even Maddow without words. To top it off are the new t-shirts with Psalm 109:8 on them. Watch the clip to find out what that "assassination baiting" call to literal arms is all about.

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