Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wolf Mothers, A Hindu Goddess, and Your Ideal Margiela Wardrobe

Book club time! So I had a gift certificate to a book store and I'm really burnt out on art theory and I couldn't find the new RuPaul self help book sooooo I ended up with the new bio/self help book by Kelly Cutrone. The P.R. CEO of Peoples Revolution, oftentimes depicted as Satan's mistress by MTV has recently dropped her first book "If You Have To Cry, Go Outside" at the feet of clueless twenty somethings like me.
I first got interested in Kelly Cutrone when the writers strike happened in 2008 and there was nothing on but The Hills. I did this post a while ago about how on both The Hills and The City the girls manage to go through life without ever really saying anything. Then Kelly swooped in and tore into the girls making the show more watchable. I really got into her when she started trying to get friend and ex-Warhol factory star Paul Morrisey to direct an episode of The City.

So, the book actually ended up being way more than I thought it would be. Of course there are the awesome stories about being homeless and fabulous in 1980s New York AND Los Angeles. However, she throws us some interesting actual words of wisdom when she writes about finding what actually drives you other than mindless fashion bullshit (not that you can't love that too). She talks about hindu warrior goddesses and her decision to befriend Elliot Spitzer's famed call girl Ashley Dupree (cause ya know Jesus befriended prostitutes), as well as creating lists of the best movies featuring "Power Bitches" and "Ten Things That Rule About Not Being In Your Twenties Anymore". I've actually been impressed by her parenting abilities from both the book and the new show Kell On Earth. The efforts she goes to for her daughter are a rare sight in Manhattan where everyone has an assistant to put their kid to bed and/or get him into the "right" school.
Basically, we're sitting here straddling Febuary and March, right when everyone in New York wants to die from lack of sunshine. Yet, as Kelly would say "LA has weather, New York has everything else". So if its getting too much to handle, grab a beer or some candy and curl up with this book. Or watch the first few episode of Kell On Earth on Hulu.

I was so happy that Kelly got sick of her reality TV blond assistants and replaced them with the awesome Andrew Mukamal.

This season on Kell On Earth.

What a mouth on that one!
Kelly Cutrone Cuss Counter - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

The Dish does a funny Kelly bit.

I love how this girl is all like "I don't really like other girls" and Kelly straight up tells her thats sad. Bitches stick together. Cause as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey told us "bitches get shit done".


オテモヤン said...
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Logan said...

i'm into this woman and those kinds of shows sometimes, brent and i went through a "Hills" phase- that post of yours about the vacant hills/city girls' punctuation faces was so good. While i feel totally empowered watching kelly cutrone, she pissed me off when she said "I never thought of myself as a feminist because I believe in equality".. i felt for a glimmer that she wasn't who I thought she was! If you haven't seen this article already, it's a pretty good one (and includes that quote).. .It just goes to show ya that people are just starting to realize what the definition of feminism is, even hard core feminists like Lady Gaga..who has since embraced her inner feminist and proclaimed it!

Unconscious and Irrational said...

yea, thats totally my one hangup with her. i find that i'm constantly bummed with people not knowing the definition of the word.

Gypsymade said...

I really like Kelly, and I used to not because she was mean to one of my interns on the phone. I appreciate that her and her girls embrace their outspokenness, which unfortunately translates into "bitchiness" in our society. One of my fave quotes in in the 1st episode where one of Kelly's partners says "You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing". Well if being straightforward and honest is "bitchy" then call me a bitch and I will proudly answer.