Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vixens, Wenches, and Cycle Sluts - The Vaginas Of Metal

Okay you guys, when is Vixen gonna get their act together and put their old clothes on ebay so I can buy them. This is what I was wondering the other night while you-tubing their old videos. So obviously I then fell into an all night k-hole of you-tubing and came out with the images and videos below. Sam did a post on women of metal a while ago, so here's my version. It's based 50/50 on ability to rock and ability to accessorize really well.

VIXEN - "Edge of a Broken Heart" - 1988
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Vixen were so styling.

They even did casual wear well.

But as far as metal babes go, The Great Kat wins for being all around unruly.

I'm putting up Femme Fatale based solely on ability to accessorize well.

Is Femme Fatale lead singer Lorraine Lewis the Carly Simon of Metal?

Progressing further into the 90s we have gems like Cycle Sluts From Hell and their hit "I Wish You Were A Beer".

I wish you were a beer (x4)
Can't breathe with all this Aqua-Net!
I wish you were a beer! (Shut up!)

I know Sam posted this video of Demonic Christ in his post, but really it never gets old.

Dana Duffy wins hands down for rocking and accessorizing. Oh and headbanging.

Gallhammer is pretty sweet also.

Rock Goddess walked the line between metal and rock but with songs titles like Satisfied Then Crucified and this awesome black and white pic, well I say they're in!

Where the hell did Wench go? They were so ahead of their time fashion wise with seriously awesome licks.

German thrash metalist, Sabina Classen, is an all around epic babe. Just wait a minute into the video it really pics up.

Okay, okay, just one more. I'm not sure if White Zombie counts as metal or if its more just psychobilly anger managment, but Sean Yseult has been a rocking and accessorizing hero of mine for quite some time. Hey did you guys know that White Zombie was originally a noise rock band that met at Pratt Institute?

Okay if you have the time and energy its just a free for all from here on down....

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The name of your blog made me smile because your writing and perceptions seem utterly conscious and strikingly intelligent. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasms, which I very much enjoyed reading.