Monday, January 5, 2009

Kristen Wiig

Last night I caught a few minutes of the train wreck that is Brett Michael's latest reality "dating" show. There was this one contestant who kept saying awkward stuff under her breath and I immediately thought 'Kristen Wiig has got to do this on SNL'. Its actually amazing how fast Kristen Wiig has risen to comedy fame, she's now THE stand out female on SNL. I'm not sure I even knew who she was a year ago but now I'm mentally planning out her skits the way the whole world was planning out Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin the minute McCain picked her.

The New York Times had an article a few days ago about Kristen Wiig. I guess the reason the whispering reality show lady reminded me of her is that Kristen has become known for her whispering character Penelope. Actually, when she starts out with a character, the first thing she works on is the voice. Having an obvious trait could be what makes her super successful, its noticeable and she rules at it. Her impression of Nancy Pelosi is impeccable. Her Suze Orman is hilarious - I love the money saving tip of using double sided tape and baby socks to make your own maxipads.
The Times lays out all the crappy jobs Kristen Wiig had in her 20s (hot dog stand, babysitting, etc.) After a couple of method acting classes she discovered the improv troupe The Groundlings and from there eventually landed the SNL gig. As Lorne Michaels said “She wasn’t 20, where you were looking just at potential and it wasn’t yet formed. It was just all there, I think in the same way it was sort of all there in Dana Carvey.”
As far as being the new go to girl for SNL Kristen Wiig says “I don’t think that’s fair. Why can’t there be a lot of great women who are doing great things?”. The cast actually has two new women Abby Elliott(Chris Elliot's daughter) and Michaela Watkins who look pretty promising. I'm still a little bummed that they haven't had a more racially diverse cast in ages. Think of all the good Tyra, Oprah, and Beyonce skits we're missing.
Anyhow, here are a couple of my favorite Kristen Wiig moments.....
Crazy McCain Lady

The Lawrence Welk Show

Pony Express

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