Sunday, January 18, 2009

Occupation in Palestine - Anna Baltzer

I'm going to preface this by saying that I know this video looks like it’s off some local access station. That’s cause it is. About a year ago my Dad made me sit down and watch this video that his friend Frank at the local access station had shown him. Luckily, I did, because it explains so much about the situation going on between Palestine and Israel today. Like most people I just read the typical news articles and have a really vague understanding of what’s going on. However, this video titled Life In Occupied Palestine, gives you a far more intimate understanding of what its actually like living in Palestine today. The narrator Anna Baltzer is a Jewish American who works with the International Women's Peace Service, which is based in the East Bank.
Anna lays out life in Palestine in the following order...
Restricted Movement- checkpoints and roadblocks
Settlements and Outposts
The Wall

Many of us in the U.S. don't totally understand the way this occupation limits and destroys the lives of Palestinians. Anna point out that the majority of people in Israel are actually against the occupation. She talks a lot about Jewish and non-Jewish Israelis who are very against the settlements and occupation. Anna notes that in the U.S. "we think we need to condone the actions of the Israeli government in order to support the Jewish people or Israeli people". In short she points out that this colonization is being subsidized by the American people - between 3 and 5 billion dollars every year. That’s our tax dollars being used to violate human rights as well as international and even American law.

Here is the video in six segments. I really encourage you to watch it. I know its long but at the very least listen to it while you make dinner or work in your studio.

Also -Many thanks to my Dad and Frank for sharing the video and finding it online. You guys rule!







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