Monday, July 20, 2009

Alexkyss K Taylor Explains It All

Alexkyss K Taylor is the host of her own local access sex advice tv show. Her show will make you blush, squirm, and repeat her catch phrases for the rest of your life. Perhaps that's why her show, Vagina Power, has become such a youtube sensation. You watch it in a joking ironic way and then end up thinking she's on to something with her "penis addiction" segments which you email to all your friends who should have dumped their boyfriends years ago.
Disclaimer: These are not safe for work,,,,unless your work environment is well, my work environment. And also, Dad if you're reading this, move on to that next post about roller derby girls.

Anyhow, here's Alexkyss explaining when you're mens a ho who wears jewelry and yet has a magic penis.

Here's some more on penis addiction......and how sometimes 'dick'll make you slap somebody".

This clip is actually safe I think. Its from The Soup and adorable Joel McHale blushes as Alexkyss explains having a noose on your nuts. Its the Halloween episode (hence that crazy hat) and she explains guys rationing dick just like government cheese.

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