Monday, July 27, 2009

Things That Don't Suck, with Alexa Chung

Usually I feel like daytime TV exists to remind you that you shouldn't be watching daytime TV. Hence Elizabeth Hasselback. However, now MTV has this new show Its On, With Alexa Chung, that's actually kind of cool. If you can get past being jealous of Alexa and just think of her as your cool friend who happens to be richer, prettier, and possibly cooler than you than the show is awesome. Alexa is laid back and funny and reminds us that British people don't just have accents they say weird things like "pissed" and "cocked up". Its nice having a girl on TV who doesn't seem like a complete idiot. She also manages to have some amusing guests who she tries to reign in to be just appropriate enough for daytime TV... as you'll see in the Margaret Cho and Michael and Michael segments. Thanks Alexa for giving me a reason to get out of bed before noon on the days I don't work.

Daniel Radcliffe on Alexa Chung PT 2 - Click here for more blooper videos

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