Wednesday, June 23, 2010

24 Hours Of Love

Do you guys remember back in the 90s when Trent Reznor was being a jerk to Courtney Love and she was all like "Don't call your band Nine Inch Nails if you only have a three-inch one." Ah that was rich.

I just read this great quote where she tries to justify it by saying:

"My band's called Hole. It's not called Little Hole, it's not called Big Hole. It's not called Flopping Nonie, it's not called Tiny Rosebud, it's not called Barbie Pussy, it's called Hole. He's still mad at me about it. Dude, that was the '90s, what the fuck?"

Here is a recent video of her dispelling some hard won words of wisdom.

So of course that sent me into a Courtney Love K-hole of you-tubing. Do you remember 24 Hours Of Love when Courtney took over MTV for 24 hours? That was back when they played music videos, good music videos!
So its starts off all sweet and innocent.....or not.

And then this is the last few hours. This actually doesn't even convey how crazy things got.

This is kind of a "best of" of that 24 hours. I actually love the depressed Courtney segment at 23 hours. I get like that when I'm hungry or tired. "All I really wanted was to be an evil genius"

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