Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ophelia Gets Her Groove Back With Help From Sassy Gay Friend

Second City (the infamous LA comedy club) has these funny videos out called Sassy Gay Friend. They kind of remind me of the great Thats Gay bit that Brian Safi did called Gayngels. I'm not sure if this is a modern day myth of the gay bff who can wash away all your troubles - or has it been with us all along?

However, the Sassy Gay Friend's run-ins with Ophelia, Juliet, and Desdemona did remind me of my original Unconscious and Irrational idea. Taking the tragic female lead back to Shakespearean times does prove that reason and consciousness have been escaping female leads for quite some time. It also proves that Freud may have drawn attention to the idea of women as "insane by design" but he didn't exactly invent it. One of the books that first inspired me to get into this idea was Women and Madness by Phyllis Chesler. I really recommend getting a copy - in many ways it helped me redefine what I thought of as both mental illness and what its is to be female.
So yea, now that I'm totally getting off topic - here is Sassy Gay Friend.

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