Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From Your Front Porch To My Front Seat

Ooo-eee, it has been warm out lately. Makes ya just wanna wear your birthday attire as Ms. Nina Simone is doing in the photo at left. So I've got a lazy summer mix for you. I was feeling inspired by this post of Patti Smith where she covers "You Light Up My Life" so I thought I'd do a post of all covered songs.

Here Patti Smith does Gloria. I love both the original by Van Morrison and this cover so much I wanted to name my first born daughter Gloria, but pretty much everyone I know isn't into that name so I don't think its gonna work out. Anyhow, enjoy.

I was also inspired by this version of Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road that I heard on Studio 360 last week performed by the actress Martha Plimpton. Ya know what, Martha Plimpton is cool. And this song is completely epic. Because this was meant for radio I suggest closing your eyes and listening to the lyrics. It does The Boss some serious justice.

The ultimate summer song aptly titled Summertime. The original is written by George Gershwin, but this version by Janis Joplin is my favorite song of hers.

Here Kate Bush takes Elton John's Rocket Man and makes it her own. Its just pretty cool until the reggae beats kick in and it gets even better and becomes totally moving. "Mars ain't the kind of place to raise a kid.."

Sorry not much of a video for this one, but Mr. Bojangles written by Jerry Jeff Walker who wrote the song not about the famed Bill "Bojangles" Robinson but about a guy he met in jail when he was arrested on the 4th of July. Which officially makes it a great summer song. Here is Nina Simone's version which she infuses with much more meaning.

St. Etienne covers Neil Young's Only Love Can Break Your Heart. They surely arise to the occasion.

And since its Memorial Day and we're doing covers who could miss this.

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