Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Feminist Headbanger

My BF just turned me on to this cool blog called Feminist Headbanger because they had a really great post about why Periods Are Metal.

To quote the posts' author "Morla, the ancient one" :

"I happen to think that bleeding each month and not dying is probably one of the most “metal” things one could do. "

and also

"Periods are fucking metal. Even more metal are periods that are painful beyond the norm. Periods experienced by women with fibroids, endometriosis and other disorders of the reproductive system. With these conditions, the monthly visitor is a terror; a demon to be reckoned with that cannot be conquered except through pharmaceuticals, beer or extreme rage. A combination of all three, plus a hot bath that surrounds you with clots, amounts to an image that’s as unsettling as a Mayhem cover."

Anyhow, Feminist Headbanger is awesome and you should go check it out.

The post also reminded me of this old Margaret Cho bit about if guys got periods. I've posted it before but its so good it deserves re-posting.

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