Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Day At The Record Store

I had a good record shopping sesh the other day in Mystic, CT. My life is generally missing 20 years of music technology since I prefer to only listen to records or ya know itunes/ipod. Most of my records are at studio and so for the last few months I've only had two albums at home... The Roches: Nurds and a three album box set of Rush. Both of which are highly recommended.

Anyhow, I had such a good time at Mystic Disc......wouldn't it be cool if they were called Mystic Spiral like Trent's band from Daria.

Check out what I found:

Mother's Pride and Fanny Hill

Suzi Quatro :
If You Knew Suzi and Your Mama Won't Like Me

I was pretty excited to see that Mother's Pride was produced, engineered, and mixed by Todd Rundgren who is an all time favorite of mine. So far all 4 albums rule and I'm excited to be able to afford their other Fanny album in the future and hopefully find some of Suzi Quatro's earlier albums sometime soon.

Oh and I also got the B52s album Whammy! which has my favorite song by them on it.

B-52's - Song For A Future Generation
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