Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late Nico

The late career of Nico is something I think about a lot. If Nico had been a man her later career would have been taken far more seriously and she would have been heralded as a groundbreaking artist then and now. And yea she was doing drugs and spacing out and being difficult I'm sure, but honestly what dude musician of that time wasn't. That behavior is seen as a sign of genius in a man and the sign of a hysterical lost cause in a woman. Nico's late career was dark and creepy and amazing. She was making music that went with her mood- even when she was younger and in the Velvet Underground she was always holing up for weeks lighting candles all over her apartment and introducing Jim Morrison to leather pants or chewing out Lou Reed for being a little twirp. In the later years of her career she made some far more experimental music that foretold the careers of goth girls of the next decade. She also collaborated with some amazing musicians and filmmakers, really contributing to some of the best works of that time.

You've really gotta check out this amazing album. Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Brian Eno, Nico, and Mike Oldfield on drums. That is arguably the best lineup of the 70s. If I was in the audience at that show I would have cried.

These are from "La cicatrice intérieure" by Philippe Garrel. Its a beautiful amazing movie- do rent it!

With Iggy Pop -Evening of Light

We've Got The Gold

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