Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Party Is Over And I Am Soooo Pissed About It

Ugggggg, they canceled one of my favorite shows! Starz decided not to renew Party Down for a third season. What the hell Starz! Honestly, I feel similarly to when they canceled Freaks and Geeks or Arrested Development.

Party Down had an amazing cast with Martin Starr, Casey Kaplan, Ken Marino, and Adam Scott. The first season had the amazing Jane Lynch but then I think she got wrapped up in Glee and had to back out. But they awesomely didn't back out of having women over 35 on the show cause she was followed up by the also epic Jennifer Coolidge and then a whole bunch of Megan Mullally! Among the great writers and creators of the show were Paul Rudd and Fred Savage.
Party Down is based around the cast of characters working at a catering company in Hollywood. As usual many of them are actually actors, comedians, and writers, all just waiting for their big break. So of course they really don't care much about the catering job which changes set each time for a Sweet 16, Funeral, Porn Star Awards Party, Football Draft Party, and many more. Almost every episode manages to be rated TV-MA. I really loved that the show gave awesome lines to Martin Starr who everyone should give way more roles too (check out the Not On Your Wife Opening Night Episode....I almost died laughing). They also never pigeon holed the "hot guy" Kyle Bradway, as just being a "hot guy", he delivers an amazing comedic performance.

But mostly I was so into the awesome Lynch, Coolidge, Mullally combo and Lizzy Caplan in her best role since Mean Girls. I really like her and I don't know why she doesn't get more awesome stuff. Her character on Party Down is possibly the only character I've ever identified with after Lindsey on Freaks and Geeks. Caplan's character Casey could easily have fallen into the role of manic pixie dream girl given her status as "hot approachable girl" on the show. However the episodes where she flips out at the guys when they have to cater an orgy are both funny and realistic girl behavior - not like a manic pixie who would be up for whatever. She's also charmingly lazy instead of manically vacant. I was recently psyched to find out Caplan and I share a birthday which means I will be rooting even harder for her in the future.
Screw you Starz! You don't know a good thing when you have it! Also to everyone else- both seasons of Party Down are on Netflix.


Gypsymade said...

Umm and My So Called Life and Popular. People like the dumbest shit and that is why awesome shows get canceled. I am so bummed too. Jackal Onassis will live on in my heart forever.

Alex said...

It's pretty depressing that such a great show was canceled so early, sigh. I think what sucks more is that the fantastic cast is comprised of actors who aren't all likely to have bigger roles. Martin Starr and Ken Marino are so great, but are usually relegated to small parts (though at least the latter is on Children's Hospital with Mullally).

And Lizzie Caplan is amazing and it frustrates me to no end that she isn't more successful. I guess it's one of those situations where there are few parts written for young beautiful women who are also legitimately funny and smart. She doesn't strike me as an actress who'd often dumb herself down to get more parts.