Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scaring White People For Fun And Profit

Yesterday my grandma was asking me what I thought as a New Yorker about the whole mosque in lower Manhattan controversy. New Yorkers tend to have a lot of opinions so I'm sure there are enough of us to cover every single base on that topic. As a whole I feel like the U.S. is really into New York when it comes to any issue surrounding 9/11 but when anything else happens politically, say an election, New York becomes the evil "liberal media elite".
Considering this topic of the mosque though I was really relieved to hear Rachel Maddow's opinion. Maddow said: "Participating in the discussion of this, as a political matter, is playing right into the hands of the people who ginned this up." (By "the people who ginned this up," she means Fox News and its allies) "Adding to the volume--in both senses of the word--of the coverage, um, grosses me out a little bit."
Maddow who had been avoiding the topic all together decided that everyone really needed to be brought back down to earth and devoted 14 minutes of her show to exposing what this issue is really about. As she puts it its about "scaring white people for fun and profit". This is what Fox news does over and over again and its good to hear someone go straight to the truth of it. Many other news shows have picked up this topic and ran with it using data collected from racist groups such as SANE who have among other things done studies on the innate violence of black people. In the words of Really! With Seth and Amy . Really ! Really!
Please watch the whole Maddow clip, she goes into the many other dubious stories Fox has covered as well as the idiot groups they're collecting data from.

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