Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gone Madigan

Unfortunately, clips from Kathleen Madigan's new stand up are not yet on the internet. So you're going to have to find a way to watch her new special Gone Madigan on tv. Its on Showtime,,, you can get it on On Demand. Just go watch it, its amazing. If you have no access to TV you can save it to your Netflix queue. I watched it a few days before Christmas with my family and for days my parents and boyfriend and I were all quoting lines from it and cracking up. Honestly, its my favorite stand up I've watched in ages.
Kathleen Madigan delivers her lines like your best drinking buddy. I've liked her for ages and she never disappoints; each new standup show is funnier and for some reason Madigan is also getting hotter as she gets older (whats your secret girl?). I wish she had her own show, or hung out at my local bar or something.
Okay so here are some old clips of her - but I really recommend watching the new special!

This one is a classic! And perfect for the holidays. I think of it every year.

Here is a newer clip. She's kinda going crazy fast to fit it all in on The Tonight Show

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