Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy Day Mix

Back from L.A. - jetlagged and snowed in. Here's a mix for the mood.

Carly Simon - Why
This is probably my favorite Carly Simon song. The video is kind of hilarious. I love it when she tries to eat the ice cream in a sexy way and then spills it.

Judy Mowatt- Slave Queen
I love Judy Mowatt and I think this is a great winter song cause it makes it feel like summer.

The Ronettes - Be My Baby
You really can't deny how amazing they are. Like even when you think you're over them this song will come on and you'll be belting it out in the car or dancing around the house. Also, both the Ronettes and the backup dancers are wearing really cool outfits.

Kate Bush- Babooshka
Sometimes I have a hard time posting Kate Bush videos because there are just so many good ones, each one better than the last. I think this video really shows her range of skills - amazing singer, total weirdo, epic dancer, and queen of music videos.

Sade- No Ordinary Love
Two words - Sade and Mermaids , Video by Sophie Muller who clearly is a genius.

Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good
I'm getting a kick out of the fact that she's dressed like me in college in this video. I feel like Linda Ronstadt would be fun to be friends with - I feel like that vibe may be why she managed to go multi-platinum so many times.

Nana Mouskouri - Adieu Angeline
Nana is one of the best selling artists of all time. She pioneered the Lisa Loeb look and has one of the most beautiful voices of all time. Also, though from Greece, she managed to record songs not only in Greek but also French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Welsh, and Maori. This video has almost a whole minute of intro but its worth it. Check out youtube for videos of her singing with everyone from Joan Baez to Nina Hagen.

Yaz- Only You
So beautiful. Singer Alison Moyet has a wonderful voice and this song never gets old.

Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance Somebody
I'm putting this on cause I heard it in the supermarket today and remembered how amazing it is. Go ahead dance around. This video is so hilarious - so many outfits, so many colors, so many hair extensions, probably so much cocaine. If you want to know what happened to my generation you can blame it on watching videos like this when our brains were still developing.

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