Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pink Dollaz

World look out, its Pink Dollaz!
Man, its been so long since there's been a girl group like this. Tight rhymes, hot styles, and cute guys in the role of back-up dancers. Now thats how its done!

This one "Pockets Never Hungry" reminds me a lot of "Pussy Control" by Prince. My favorite line from "P.Control" was "Pussy got bank in her pocket, before she got dick in her drawers", but yet it always left me being like 'dammit can't she just have both'. I like to think of "Pockets Never Hungry" as an answer in a way.

Pink Dollaz are part of the Jerkin scene. Here's a mini documentary about them from the LA Weekly.

Now We Jerk - A Jerkin Documentary presented by the LA Weekly from Brilliant Comrades on Vimeo.

Thinking about this jerking group is really interesting to me because so often adults, the media, etc get all up in arms about this 90's born generation and their facebook/youtube/twitter/texting etc. For some reason technology is seen as innately evil when in fact for so many kids, like the jerking crew, it can bring you together with those outside of your immediate small reality and expose you to kids nationwide who are excited about the same things as you. Jerking spread almost entirely through social media and without it many of those kids would be looking for far more dangerous sources of income and entertainment. Thanks to this both physical, vocal, and online community there are now kids excited about dancing, rapping, filming, editing, and recording, and they have a wide audience. While many people get down on kids for their obsessions with connecting through technology there is a really good chance that in ten years they will be running everything and we will all be struggling to keep up.

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