Sunday, September 27, 2009

Asgarda Amazons

In the East of Ukraine in the Carpathian mountains is a modern day tribe of Amazonian women known as the Asgarda. These girls and women practice martial arts as well studying folk art, sport, science, and health. Below are the words of their teacher and founder Kateryna Vitaliyivna Tarnovska as well as the photos of french photographer Guillaume Herbaut. You can check out more of his photos here and here.

It is said that Ukrainian women were always most beautiful, merry, good-natured, talented, and generous, as well as courageous, selfless, faithful, and wise. Foreign historians were amazed at the span of knowledge of our women. They could read, write, they had equal rights with men, they were respected, and their advice was taken.

In Ukraine a woman was always a guardian, protector, and priestess. She had the knowledge of medicine, treatment of illnesses, medicinal herbs, and laws of nature, universe, and religion. She was able to sing, dance, play musical instruments, and write poetry and songs. She knew astronomy and astrology. She was not only a hostess, not only a woman who does washing, embroidering, cooking, and looking after children, she was also a Goddess. Everything she did, she did with goodness and love. We know that embroidery symbolized protection, a weaving spool could tell the future, and correctly prepared food could give health and strength. This was whole cult, a world outlook.

Apart from ordinary household chores Ukrainian woman knew self-defence, martial skills, and different kinds of weapons. She passed this knowledge to her children. That is why, even if our men were brought up without their fathers, they were taught by knights and real warriors.

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